A Liebherr wine cabinet is your best choice

Liebherr wine cabinet

A Liebherr wine cabinet is not just a wine Cabinet. A wine lover who series with its wines, will opt for quality. When purchasing the wine is one thing, but keeping and later serve the wine is just as important. The question is: “which wine Cabinet fits my needs?

Which wine cabinet fits best in practice depends on what your wine inventory. If you mainly want to keep, then a wine cabinet with only one temperature zone for the solution. But would you red, white, rosé and bubbles can serve, then a wine cabinet with six temperature zones are ideal.Another part of the choice is in the finish of the cabinet and the design. Are you going to keep purely functional, then you can choose a wine cabinet without glass door. The advantage is that this to use just a little more energy-efficient. Adisadvantage is that the cheaper versions have no interior lighting. There are cabinets completely done in stainless steel. Others have a terra-colored housing. However there are also in black metal wine cabinets that are carried out within any interior. These are even available with a glass door. The wine cabinets with a glass door feature mostly UV protected glass. Go to cheaper, wine cabinets, look, then you will see that these work with a foil. A foil comes in time.

Humidity is very important for wines with Cork closure. When the humidity is too low, the corks go will shrink. This createsgap between the neck of the bottle and the Cork. Bacteria get so vrijspel to invade. You will have to keep an eye on thehumidity. For this, you need to use a hygrometer. This allows you to get into an analog or digital version. The better digitalhygrometer costs approximately  30,00. When you buy a wine Cabinet at Cave promoter this hygrometer standard with the wine Cabinet included. A hygrometer also has a temperature gauge. This temperature you can forget, because thisgives the temperature of the air in the wine Cabinet. It is important that you measure the temperature of the liquid. Thistemperature is shown on the display of the wine Cabinet. If you are not familiar, then you can place a bowl of water with a thermometer in there you will be able to observe that there is a difference in the temperature of the air and the liquid.

The air
 in your wine Cabinet power can not always be pleasant, even though can you smell yourself anything. Since thebottles with a cork closing the bottle penetration, it is important that you take care that this is clean. The air in a Liebherrwine Cabinet is filtered. After a year the filter is saturated and you need to replace this filter. In practice this often forgotten.Therefore, there is a filter alert service. Here you can feel free to sign up, even though you have the wine Cabinet is notpurchased through Cave promoter. They have this service launched for Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, England and the United States.